Acrylic Mini Personal Museum collection Block

$79.00 $189.00

Product Size:150*114*20MM

Package: 1pc museum block with white box

Each museum is unique and will vary in appearance. The photos shown above depict a sample museum. 

The museum contains 33 specimens. The following list shows the specimens that are included in each museum:

Revolutionary War Lead
USS Constitution Wood
Civil War Bullet
Wright Brothers Flyer Fabric
SR-71 Titanium
Space Shuttle Insulation
Apollo 11 Command Module Metal
Sand from Pearl Harbor
D-Day Barbed Wire (Utah/Omaha Beaches)
Sand from Iwo Jima
Berlin Wall
Titanic Coal
Great Wall of China Fragment
Ancient Greek Pottery
Coin from the Roman Empire (c. 300 AD)
Pompeii Ash
Egyptian Mummy Linen (c. 100 BCE)
Woolly Mammoth Hair
Mini Shark Tooth Fossil
Megaolodon Tooth
Petrified Wood from Antarctica
Insect Embedded in Amber
Ankylosaurus Armor
Tyrannosaurus Rex Tooth 
Dinosaur Egg Shell
Dinosaur Coprolite 
Triceratops Brow Horn
Plesiosaurus Bone