18 kinds of elements glass seal collection display set

$69.99 $75.90

Titanium Chromium Manganese Iron Copper Zinc Tin Lead Niobium Silicon Bismuth Antimony Tellurium Aluminum Molybdenum Tungsten Indium Nickel

 Classic 18-element entry-level basic set
specifications 10*50mm
18 kind details: pure Ti (995) spring wire, pure chromium Cr block (992), electrolytic manganese Mn (997), pure iron Fe particles (998), copper Cu slices (9995), pure zinc Zn blocks (99994), pure tin particles (9999), pure lead Pb particles (9999), pure niobium Nb slices (9995), pure silicon Si blocks (999), pure bismuth Bi blocks ( 9999), pure antimony Sb block (999), pure tellurium Te block (9999), pure aluminum Al block (997), pure molybdenum Mo sheet (9995), pure tungsten W sheet (9995), pure indium In block (99995) , Pure nickel Ni block (9998)

Among them, most of the two varieties of molybdenum and tungsten are gray and black blocks which are very unsightly. Our shop specially uses bright flakes to make them more beautiful.