Chemical Periodic Table with 83 kind Real Elements Inside

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New Arrival Periodic Table Of Elements With 83 Kind Real Stable Inside Kids Teaching Tool Science Enthusiasts Gifts

About the Product :

  • The Periodic Table contains 83 of the stable elements. 
  • It measures approximately 4.5" x 5.91" x 0.79" (114mm x 150mm x 20mm)
  • It is safe to handle /store and easy to clean(Keep it clean with a cloth every time it is touched to avoid fingerprints)
  •  It's an ideal gift for science enthusiasts
  • Specially designed for students and teachers, is an ideal teaching tool, student gift, and Crafts Desk Decoration.
  • Ideal for home decoration, office or classrooms,tables.etc
  • It is made from clear acrylic ,have long lifetime and each element sample is placed one by one by hand.  
  • The Periodic Table pretty much speaks for itself. The collection looks great on a desk, in your hands, and anywhere else it can be displayed.

Why You Should Buy From Us

  • Because you will actually get what we show in the pictures. 
  • And you will not be disappointed if you do.  
Processing Procedure:

1.Collect 83 kind elements sample,meanwhile handle with some Vivacious elements and Radioactivity elements and gas into safe and small pieces. 

2.Glue each elements sample in the block Grid, which already printing the whole periodic table. which is a difficult time, as need use tool put each small pieces into the right position, then use glue fix it, which also need time dry and keep away from ash and dirty. each elements is put one by one. 

3.At last the whole block is diamond polish, finish with shinny and high transparency block, which all finish by handmade. 

 Details photo

Real elements inside can say clear from side